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Rollerball pen Pen of the Year 2014 platinum-plated

Rollerball pen Pen of the Year 2014 platinum-plated

With the luxurious Agate Rooms Catherine the Great commissioned a unique monument to the natural wealth of her country. Paying homage to these magnificent rooms, the “Catherine Palace” Pen of the Year brings the lustre and aesthetics of a major era alive in such a fascinating manner. The platinum-plated fountain pen is limited to 1 000 units, the rollerball pen to 300 units. The 24-carat gold plated Special Edition is limited to 150 fountain pens and 30 rollerball pens.

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  • Platinum-plated barrel adorned with three large, reddish-brown jasper stones and engraved with a chain pattern
  • Individually numbered writing instruments
  • Long-lasting black rollerball refill
  • Cap of the rollerball pen is adorned with a with a grey shimmering Russian quartz with facet finish
  • Exclusive wooden box with additional insert with space for additional 6 writing instruments, high-quality brochure and a certificate of limitation
  • Limited to 300 pieces
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