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Kent Shaving Brush, Pure Silver Tip Badger, King Size, Black


Kent is a luxury British manufacturer that has been elevated to prime distinction since 1777. Renowned for brush craftsmanship, they only source bristles from the finest producers in India and China. This Kent Shaving Brush produces a luxurious lather unlike any other. Crafted with pure silver tip badger bristles, the brush is soft to the touch to prepare facial hair for a smooth shave. Designed in minimalist black and produced to be king size for a full lather. Lavish to British artistry.

Key Features:

  • Soft bristles are gentle on skin.
  • An extra-large bulb covers a larger surface area.
  • Expertly and precisely crafted
  • Packaged in a red felt-lined presentation case with gold pin stripe detail.
  • Bristles: Silvertip badger.
  • Handle: Faux Ebony Resin.
  • Knot diameter: 28 mm.
  • Bristle loft: 65 mm.
  • Handle height: 58 mm.
  • Overall height: 120 mm.

Made in England.


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