Fisher Space Pen

Although renowned for the invention of the anti-gravity pen for space travelers the Fisher Space Pen also has proven terrestrial track record here on earth. Due to its unique design and reputation for writing in extreme conditions the Space Pen is the pen of choice for air force, law enforcement agencies, mountain climbing expeditions, undersea explorers, ski and snowboard teams or anyone who demands a high degree of reliability from the equipment they select. 

Space Pen users know the value of owning a product that routinely performs beyond their expectations. In addition to being durable the Fisher Bullet pen is also attractive and has been displayed in the New York Museum of Modern Art – cited as an outstanding example of industrial art.

The secret of the Fisher Space Pen lies with the unique ink as well as the high manufacturing tolerances of the ball point and socket. The ink is fed to the ball point by gas pressure which allows the pen to write in any position. Another benefit of this closed design… Fisher Space Pens don’t dry out, this gives them an estimated shelf life of 100 years.