Online Germany

Since 1991 Online Pens have been creating unique and collectible pens for students, business people and pen lover made with passion and commitment to success.

The company was founded by Thomas and Alexandra Batsch with a very clear target:

  • production of writing instruments for school and job
  • using the advantages of location in Germany
  • high quality in functions and technology

There are only few companies in this industry who have a similar track record. With new ideas and a lot of drive, Thomas and Alexandra Batsch managed to establish an independent collection of writing instruments in the course of just a few years. Both know that this wouldn’t have been possible without a committed and motivated team of employees. At the moment, more than 100 people are employed at the modern company buildings in Neumarkt.

Once a year, especially for pupils, ONLINE launches the latest “Young Line Collection” which is manufactured in Germany. High quality and durability of the pens are very important. Since 2006, ONLINE presents in addition the “Top.Line Collection” for adults with passion for design, no matter how old they are. ONLINE puts emphasis on high-value processing of the writing instruments with a lot of love for details for an exceptional product. Precious boxes make every writing instrument a precious gift.

In 2008, ONLINE launches the “Green STARTER”, an innovative fountain pen and rollerball for beginners for an eco-friendly start at school. Body and cap being made of renewable raw materials, the “Green STARTER” is a helpful support against pollution and the greenhouse-effect.

All Online pens come presented in beautiful presentation boxes making them ideal gifts