Visconti Watermark Fountain Pen – Iridium Rainbow (Limited Edition)

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The Watermark is a pen that demonstrates one of Visconti’s greatest skills, the artisanal craftsmanship of the cut out filigree, and the ability to achieve intricate details with absolute precision. Visconti began crafting filigrees back in 1993 with the launch of the Visconti Uffizi and over the years has refined and improved the technique with pens like the Skeleton or the Ripple. The Watermark replicates the Visconti logo throughout the pens cap and body like a paper filigree, hence the name ‘Watermark’. The design of the pen identifies strongly with the Visconti brand, much like a watermark is an identifying pattern in paper.

The filigree is cut out from a solid tube of sterling silver that requires over 20 manual operations to reach the final base of the design. For the Iridium Rainbow, Visconti applied third-millennium technology. The pen body and all trims, including the fountain pen nib, are treated in an avonial iridium coating. The overlay is then combined with a clear demonstrator resin. A full spectrum of color is on display as the pen is rotated. Visconti has created a filigree with an ever-changing rainbow of color and the result is simply breathtaking!

The Watermark features the patented Double Reservoir Power Filler, perfect for watching your ink of choice flow through the translucent blue resin body. The double reservoir power filler allows for an exceptionally large fill of ink and makes the pens safe for air travel.

Each pen is individually numbered and is limited to 888 pieces worldwide.

Visconti is now transitioning to 18kt gold Perfecttouch nibs made by Bock in Germany. We’ve indicated in the nib size dropdown whether the 23kt palladium or 18kt gold nib is currently being offered at Goulet Pens.

Unfortunately we won’t be able to honor any specific number requests. We do our best to photograph the pens to show how they will appear in person, but due to the nature of the material, expect some variation in the pattern from what you see here.