Visconti 25th Anniversary Steel Age Homo Sapiens Maxi Gift Set

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To celebrate its 25th anniversary, Viscontihas launched a special edition production of the Homo Sapiens Steel Agecollection, in addition to the Midi collection. Similarly, this collection is alimited edition run with only 2,500 pieces available worldwide.


Salvador Dali

When Benjamin Levi,President of AMBROSIANA FOUNDATION” and most important collector of the Dalì biggestsculpture collection worldwide, decided to elevate Florence as referencelocation for a Salvador Dalì event museum, Visconti had the inspiration tocreate a surrealistic artwork piece dedicated to the famous artist.

Mr. Levi hastransferred to us all his passion through important anectodates of real lifewith Dalì being able to capture the essence of the origin of every Dalìmasterpiece. His expertise has been a precious guideline for the full processof designing and engineering of the Visconti creation.

Our work has beenextremely appreciated and we have been given the right to make the pen standingon an original reproduction of the sculpture masterpiece called PROFILE OFTIME”.


Visconti did not wantto make a surrealistic copy but intended to transmit the Dali concepts on thepen in order to make it really surrealistic.

Lobster, one of thegreat obsessions of Dalì, hard peel and soft interior: this concept has beenrevisited by the material of the pen in AG 925 enameled but that leave to seethe soft interior represented from the ink. Pen is delivered full of ink.

Newton: we can seetwo open windows on the cap that allow seeing the pen interior, the feeder andthe nib.

Drawer: the drawer onFLAMING WOMAN” represents the feminine sensuality, but in the Visconti pen represents the writingsensuality and it is used to fill up the pen.

Melting Watch: wecould not resist to reproduce the MELTING WATCH” that décor half portion ofthe body.

Bleeding Heart: theUNICORN HEART” is bleeding, but on our pen it is not real bleeding blood itis represented from the ink that slide gently towards the nib.


Limited Edition:

904 pen blue enameling, sterling silver rhodiumplated 925

904 pen green enameling, vermeil 925

Material: SterlingSilver 925

Nib: bicolor 23Kt.Dreamtouch Pd

Filling System:Double Reservoir filling system

Artistic artwork:microfusion in enameled sterling silver

Box: wood box withoriginal pen stand reproduction of the MELTING WATCH STANDING ON TREE”

Regular Collection

Material: VegetalResin

Nib: Visconti SteelNib

Filling System: Cartridge/Converter

Artistic Artwork:Melting Watch standing on the Clip and melting central band with Salvador Dalisignature engraved.

Box: Regular box withSalvador Dali image standing on the left