Jackson Lux 700 Grill

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The Lux 700 Cart Model provides great cooking performance for your lifestyle. It’s the best value barbeque available for the dollar you spend. The Lux 700 Cart Model is ideal for avid entertainers, designed to provide stunning quality and maximum cook space for the space you live in. With a total grilling surface of 692 square inches, it fits well on your patio, allowing you to prepare a large quantity of meat and other foods simultaneously. More than enough food to fire up your next party!

The Lux 700 features our 13,500 BTU infrared rotisserie burner with Electronic Ignition, which projects intense, radiant heat evenly through your meat to help you create perfectly browned, juice-filled roasts every time.


Main Burners 4 (15,000 BTU’s each) 4 (15,000 BTU each)
Rotisserie Burner Yes, 13,500 BTU Yes, 13,500 BTU
Total BTU 73,500 73,500
Total Cooking Area TOTAL: 692 sq. in. TOTAL: 692 sq. in.
Ignition System Flame Thrower Ignition System Flame Thrower Ignition System
Rear Burner Ignition System Electronic Ignition
Stainless Steel Burner Yes Yes
Stainless Steel Flame Diffusers Yes Yes
Stainless Steel VGS 5/16″ Grills Yes Yes
One-piece Welded Control Panel Yes
LED Grill Light Included Included
Rotisserie Kit Included Included
Cutting Board Included
Four Way Swivel Castors Included
Side Shelves Included (Cart Model)
HD Barbeque Cover Included Included
Easy Access Grease Management System Included Included
Rear Burner Ignition System Included (Electronic Ignition) Included (Electronic Ignition)
Accessory Hooks Included (Cart Model)
Cart Doors Included (Cart Model: Removable, Stainless Steel)
Smoker Box Optional Optional
Natural Gas Conversion Kit Optional Optional
Grillstone Optional (Square or Round) Optional (Square or Round)
Side Burner Optional Optional
Side Searing Burner Optional Optional