Graf von Faber-Castell Catherine Palace Fountain Pen

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Inspired by architecture and materials of the Agate Pavilion which is part of the world-famous Catherine Palace in St Petersburg. The fountain pen is made of a red-brown jasper which can only be found in Russia and similar to the dark-red jasper used in the “Agate Rooms”. In order to impart the colour and character of the stone, the filigree detail is cut in the finest plates and meticulously ground. Multiple polishing reveals the desired light nuances and its noble surface gloss.Three large, mottled jasper pieces are embedded in the lavishly embellished platinum-plated barrel. The cap of the fountain pen is adorned with a grey, shimmering, Russian quartz with a facet finish.

With the advent of technology, we rarely rely on pens for writing anymore, but still, high-end luxury fountain pens can never lose its desirability and go out of vogue. The Graf von Faber-Castell pen of the year 2014 is one such example of luxe writing instrument which has been made of gold, quartz, and jasper. It draws inspiration from Russia’s Catherine Palace, and paying homage to the Agate Rooms of the palace, the Pen of the Year brings alive the lustre and aesthetic of Victorian era. Though the structure of the pen is similar to the high-end wiring instruments we have seen before by Faber-Castell like the diamond studded fountain pen and the pen of the year 2007, but master craftsman Boris Igdalov designed the motifs on this beautiful pen which is available in two versions.

Both the versions of the fountain pens have red-brown, lustrous jasper in common, but the regular version’s red jasper adorns its platinum-plated barrel while its cap is embellished with Russian quartz. The special version is made with 24-karat gold and has an 18-karat gold nib. Quartz and jasper stones decorate the exterior of the pen and it is equipped with a plunger mechanism that has a rotary knob.


  • Russian jasper barrel
  • Platinum-plated metal parts
  • 18 carat gold, bicolour medium nib
  • Plunger mechanism
  • Russian quartz stone
  • Limited Edition – 1,000 pieces available
  • Comes in a deep-black wooden case and a certificate of authenticity
  • Comes with ink cartridges
  • Two Year Guarantee
Graf von Faber-Castell Catherine Palace Fountain Pen