Glencairn Deluxe Whisky Travel Kit

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The ultimate gift for whisky lovers. The genuine leather Deluxe Whisky Connoisseur Travel Kit comes with everything you need to bring a dram or six” with you while travelling. Included are two imported Glencairn tasting glasses for you to share with a friend, six pharmaceutical-grade glass bottles with leak-proof caps and die-cast copper numbered bottle medallions, two water droppers, coasters, and a self-venting, no-spill funnel. Also included is a leather-bound Whisky Connoisseur Tasting Journal and a Sample Ledger Booklet with perforated pages. Don’t leave home on your next trip without one of these Deluxe Travel Kits.

Product Details

Genuine leather travel case with flat handle.

  • Two – Glencairn Glasses etched with WC Logo.
  • Non-vapor locking funnel (Patent Pending).
  • Six –  30 ml (1 Ounch) Clear bottles.
  • Six – High quality numbered (1-6) metal medallions.
  • Two – Glencairn shapped coasters.
  • Ledger booklet with perforated pages to record your whisky samples.
  • Leather bound whisky tasting journal, with a (How to become a Connoisseur) section.
  • Whisky Connoisseur stubby pencil.
  • Two – Dripless water droppers.