CliC Magnetic Eyewear

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No more searching for youreyeglasses!  A revolutionin eyewear!  The genuine and original CliC Magnetic Eyewear. Beware of imitations!  CliCs are the most unique, practical andcomfortable readers you’ll ever buy!   The patented magneticclosure at the bridge of the nose and the flexible, size-adjustableheadband means ‘no more granny chains’CLIC Readers willstay in place and won’t slide off your nose or fall off your head when you bendover. When not in use, simply separate the eye pieces and allow your readersto hang in style, and conveniently around your neck …ready for when you needthem again.

Not only are CLIC Readingglasses the coolest thing in the reading glasses market today, they arealso the most attractive.  CliC Readers flatter every faceshape and suit men and women equally.  Many sizes to fit everyhead size.  Prices start at $39.95 per pair.  There are asmany colours of CliCs as there are personalities. You may even wantmore than one pair!  

Opticalquality, distortion-free, polycarbonatelenses in a wide range of powers or strengths and prescriptionready too!  

“You’llnever lose your glasses again!”

CliC Magnetic Eyewear