Aurora 88 Fountain Pen – Mercurio (Limited Edition)

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Aurora continues its journey through the Solar System, inspired by the splendor of the Planets. The limited edition Aurora 88 Mercurio fountain pen is the seventh release in Aurora’s Stellar Collection, following the Sole, Nebulosa, Marte, Urano, Saturno, and Nettuno.

The Aurora 88 Mercurio is made entirely in Torino, Italy. The cap and barrel are made from marbled white and beige Auroloide while the cap’s finial, grip section, and piston knob are made from black resin. It features a rhodium-plated 18kt gold nib and chrome-plated trim.

This pen also features Aurora’s exclusive Hidden Reservoir piston fill system with a built-in ink reserve. It gives you just a bit of extra ink so you don’t run dry mid-thought. When it is starting to run dry, just twist the piston knob a couple times to release the extra ink.

Each Aurora 88 Mercurio comes in an elegant box in black lacquered wood, with black interior to enhance its brightness. A commemorative sleeve celebrates Aurora’s first 100 years. It comes with a manual and is covered by Aurora’s 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Aurora only produced 888 of these pens and each one is individually numbered.