AEON 8” Chef’s Knife

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Old as earth. Beautiful as heaven. Sharp as hell. From Wusthof comes the stunning and exclusive limited-edition AEON collection, a series that has forged a connection between ancient history and the modern-day. This striking showpiece has been produced only 1,500 times, a—complete with a numbered certificate of authenticity, just like any other priceless work of art.

Both a display of highly advanced modern techniques and a record of history, the AEON 8” Chef’s Knife will take center stage in any kitchen. The impressive black blade is coated with a non-reflective DLC (Diamond-Like-Carbon), resulting in unparalleled strength and beauty. Used in the aviation, space travel, and race car industries, DLC almost doubles the surface strength of the blade from 58° to 104° Rockwell without making the knife brittle, providing protection from scratches, corrosion, and high temperatures, as well as a jaw-dropping look. 

The handle, crafted from millennia-old bog oak (3,249 years old, to be exact), is dense, hard, and sustainable while also boasting a subtle and stunning, one-of-a-kind pattern. This ancient oak handle truly tells a story as old as time, while still delivering a balanced full bolster and finger guard to ensure safety, control, and smooth movement. Manufactured entirely in Solingen, Germany, the AEON is a tool to be cherished. AEON – made for eternity. 


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